A redesign of Japan's biennale, Kenpoku 2016.

TIMELINE: 3 Months, Fall 2020
Visual Identity, Redesign, Graphic Design, Web Design,
Motion Graphics
TOOLS USED: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Figma


Kenpoku 2016 is one of Japan's biennales that was set in the Ibaraki Prefecture. The theme is "Sea, Mountains, Art!"

I was tasked with redesigning the biennale's visual identity and promotional material for DSGN 266: Graphic Design. I chose this biennale because it contains a lot of contrasting themes and dualities: sea vs. mountains, modern vs. traditional, technology vs. nature. A lot of the pieces involve inorganic materials placed in organic settings or technology enhancing nature.

Because of the concepts mentioned above, I decided to take advantage of the biennale's split nature and incorporated it into my visual language for this project: split compositions, utilization of nature, and the colors blue and green.